Black Friday Shoes: Oliver Sweeney

I'm a firm believer in buying the best quality shoes you can. After years of owning a wide variety of cheap footwear, I made the investment a few years ago in a good pair of shoes, and never looked back since.

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The shoe brand I'm obsessed with it Oliver Sweeney: I now own three pairs. I bought my first pair a few years ago and have worn them basically every day since. They are well worn and well loved. After a re-soling a few months ago, they have had a new lease of life, but despite my love for them, they have a couple of short falls: the leather sole makes them unpractical in winter, and their well worn appearance makes them less suitable for formal occasions.

So, with 20% off in the Black Friday sales, I decided to buy two new pairs of Oliver Sweeney shoes.

I got a new pair of my current shoes, Aldeburgh Brogues, to keep for best, along with a pair of new Pennell Brogues, with a commando sole, to see me through the winter season.