For Annora Bird

Last week, two of my best friends brought the most perfect little baby in to the world: Annora Bird. I wrote this song for her on the day of her birth.

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Today, at 11 days old, I met Annora Bird for the first time. She is perfect. My heart bursts with joy and pride and wonder when I look at her, and look at my friends Davyd and Emma, and see them at the start of this brand new journey in life together. 

I wrote this song as I thought about this bold new adventure they will take together; inspired by lullabies and the quiet moments of peaceful wonder that come in the stillness between the crazy haze of new life.

Today I found out that Annora hates lullabies. They make her cry. Whoops.

So, I just hope she will grow up to appreciate this gift from a new friend.