Imogen Faith

My niece, Imogen Faith, arrived a week ago — Friday 24 March 2017 — and after a difficult first week in the world, is finally home! 

It's been a tough first week for Imogen Faith and her family — to say the least.

Late last Friday night, Imogen had some trouble breathing, and had to be taken in to intensive care. After a week of incredible care, along with some scary moments, she finally arrived home today, to a delighted family, particularly her big sister.

I can honestly say, I'm totally in awe of my brother and his wife. The way they have held it down over the past week, coping with moments that are unbearable even in the retelling, leaves me without words to say how proud I am. Clearly, Imogen is made of the same strong stuff that they are made of too.

Where words can often feel lacking, music helps me to make sense of, and understand difficult situations and feelings. When I wrote this piece for Imogen Faith this week, it ended up that the full whirlwind of emotions cleared the way for a peaceful calm.