“You are, you are,
through cuts,
so hard.
We’ve come so far.”

Over the past couple of months, the lyrics to ‘Known’ have come to mean even more to me than they did when I wrote them just a few months ago. As I shared before, situations have come up that have challenged me to examine my personal and creative freedoms.

Also, over the past few months, symptoms of my Ulcerative Colitis have returned.

Physically, that brings many challenges. Mentally, it feels like a dark fog. It’s exhausting.

As is often then case, this songs was written from a distance. But now, in the sharing, it finds new meanings in the new toughness that comes from facing new cuts.

I hope ‘Known’ means something to others in the listening. I hope it brings to others the feelings of relief and release which came to me in the making and sharing of it.

‘Known’ is out now, available on digital platforms.