Alternative Christmas Playlist

I love Christmas. I love Christmas music. And I especially love that Christmas is not just a festive holiday, it's a musical genre. 

With all that said, it is very easy to overdose on the Christmas songs each year, resulting in an overly full feeling that is not dissimilar to the one felt after a very large Christmas dinner. This playlist is my attempt to stay festive, but also add a little variety.

This playlist is the one I listen to when baking my annual christmas cake, and forms part of my Christmas eve baking preparations. I'm very happy to let the well-worn, and well-loved, christmas classics that pop up in every possible place throughout December take pride of place on the Christmas Day playlist, but, it is nice to have something a little different sometimes: a blend of classic songs re-imagined and some left-field festive and winter themed songs.

If you have any alternative christmas songs that have become part of your festive tradition, I'd love to know about them.