Autumn Pieces 09: Lepe Beach, Southampton

Returning to Lepe this week, where the Summer Shorts series began, I was rewarded with beautiful Autumnal light and an early sunset.

A few weeks ago I ordered a Holga style lens for my DSLR and, ever since its arrival in the post, had been waiting for a bight enough free day to go and make best use of it narrow aperture and vintage charms. With all my weekend jobs completed by lunchtime on Sunday, and the Autumn sun still shining bright and low, it seemed like the perfect time to do just that.

With the increased busyness of the past few months, I've really treasured the times I've spent creating these Autumn Pieces films and blogs. As well, with the short winter days rolling in, I've been actively trying to get more sunshine at the times when its available. So to make the most of the sun, I decided to go back to somewhere close: and Lepe seemed like the perfect choice.

The clouds were moving quickly through the sky all afternoon: sometimes revealing the low Autumnal sun, and other times filling the sky. The bright light causing the Holga lens to turn the sun in to aberrations and flares.

With the sun starting to set, it started to turn cold, and so I moved the car to the beach front, put the DSLR on the hood and set up my time-lapse on the car.

A note on iPhone Photography:

The photographs that I took with my iPhone 7 were some of my favourites of the day. They had a totally different character to the Holga lens — you could almost believe they were from different places on different days — but that is possibly why I love them even more. The blue light that helped to create the vintage, washed out feel of the film and photographs from the Holga lens created dark blue clouds and deep, dark contrast in the sea when seen through the iPhone lens.