Autumn (Bits ‘n’) Pieces 08: Holly Hill Woodland, Southampton

An experiment with format — a series of shorter video clips rather than one longer video — accompanies experiments with music and photography for Autumn Pieces 08.

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This week I decided to take on some creative experiments. Inspired by a very talented friend of mine — Lulu McArdle — who, a few years ago, took some photographs of me using a prism to create light effects I decided to take a prism with me on my trip this week to play with whilst shooting. 

Walking though Holly Hill Woodland and down towards the River Hamble, the changing autumnal colours stood out in the light coming through the trees dropping their leaves for the coming winter. In front of the iPhone camera, and in front of the 35mm lens on my Nikon the prism created unexpected shapes and patterns from the woodland surroundings and the autumnal light.

On the walk, I found little spots in the woodland to pause and shoot, but it wasn't until arriving at the River Hamble that, in the low, late afternoon light, I could sit and make a time-lapse.  

A video posted by Matt Brombley (@mmtthw) on