Vlogmas (Part 1): A Very Beartooth Christmas

One of my best friends was over from Ohio this week, visiting Southampton and joining the end Beartooth tour, so we all went to the German Market and the Beartooth show.

The German Market in the centre of Southampton has been a regular fixture of Christmas for as long as I can remember: small stalls in wooden sheds appear in December alongside German Bars selling beer and mulled wine in the centre of Southampton High Street. 

A new addition to the market is a flying robotic Santa — yes, it's as creepy as it sounds — which is accompanied by an equally robotic pre-recorded voice announcement. Totally bizarre, but it's Christmas, so lets embrace the weirdness. From the market we made out way to the Engine Rooms for the Beartooth show.

It was a total honour to get to watch the Beartooth boys perform from side of stage. They always put on an incredible show, and they certainly did not disappoint. During the encore, the guitar tone for Caleb's solo was truly righteous.