My Seven Favourite Posts from 2016

Starting this blog has been one of my biggest highlights of 2016. Here are seven of my favourite posts:

  1. Music and Mental Health: World Mental Health Day
    This was the post that I almost didn't post, but I'm very glad I did.
  2. Video Blog: Cornwall
    These video blogs, from a great family holiday, were one of the things that started the ball rolling in creating this blog.
  3. Summer Shorts Compilation
    The series that got this blog started.
  4. A Special Announcement
    Helping my brother's family announce a new baby, what could be cuter?
  5. The Ultimate Christmas Cake
    This might seem like a small, quick video, but the edit took me ages, and the combination of music and found sound is something I really love
  6. Vlogmas (Parts 8–10): A Very Brombley Christmas
    Christmas. No more needs to be said.
  7. Autumn Pieces 03–06: Isle of Wight
    Hard to pick an Autumn Pieces post for this list, as there are so many I love — shout out to Lepe — but I think this was one that I loved making most