The Great Vacation 2017: First Steps

One of my big plans for 2017 is a trip to America: The Great Vacation.

Preparations for The Great Vacation are in three parts this January:

  1. Healthier and Happier: I'm working on eating healthier, exercising more and feeling happier with myself and my body. To help the health and fitness part, I've been following lots of advice from The Body Coach, and Joe Wicks' January Bootcamp workouts have been particularly useful. To help the happiness part, I've been using the Headspace app, and the guided sleep exercises have been a surprising success too.
  2. Motivation Maps: I bought two map prints from Mujumaps and put them in two frames from Ikea to sit on my living room walls, above the dining table and overlooking my exercise space, to act as a motivation for eating healthier and being more active.
  3. New Passport: The last time I had to get a passport I was going to the Ukraine with work, and left it so late I had to drive to London to order a rushed one. It was crazily expensive, and I refuse to make that mistake again, so I'm ordering my renewed passport in plenty of time this year!