Vlogmas 2017 (Week Four): Christmas Day with Family, Food and Presents

The final week of vlogmas includes the lead up to, and the big days its self. 

In the lead up up the big day, there's lot of food to be prepared, and celebrations with friends. On Christmas Day, there's more food, plus time with family enjoying time together and some gifts.

Christmas Day Food:

This year's dinner was very similar to last years feast, with a few changes:

  • Turkey
    Local, organic, free-range bird from Uptons of Bassett, roasted with rapeseed oil, lemons, clementines, garlic, onions, carrots, celery, sage and thyme
  • Gravy
    Made from roasting juices and organic chicken stock
  • Pork shoulder stuffing with red onion, chestnuts, sage and cranberries
    A Jamie Oliver recipe with some modifications, including dried cranberries added and gf bread crumbs 
  • Sausages in bacon
    Use thinly slice pancetta for wrapping for extra flavour and crunch
  • Roast potatoes
    Par-boiled, left to cool, then roast in rapeseed oil, with rosemary
  • Roast parsnips
    Par-boiled, left to cool, then roasted with honey
  • Carrots with butter, sugar and star anis
    Cooked in butter, sugar and star anise from a Tom Kerridge recipe
  • Cauliflower cheese
    Gently roasted cauliflower covered in a basic béchamel sauce, with lots of cheese in, and cheesy breadcrumbs over the top 
  • Brussels sprouts with bacon and chestnuts
    A BBC Good Food recipe
  • Red cabbage with apple and balsamic vinegar
    An amalgamation of a number of recipes, including spices, red onions, apples, brown sugar and balsamic vinegar
  • Cranberry and apple sauce
    Another amalgamation of recipes from all over, following the basics of this Jamie Oliver recipe, but with my own spices added
  • Green beans with lemon
    Lightly boiled and dressed in fresh lemon and rapeseed oil
  • Butternut squash mash with spiced roasted seeds
    Roasted the squash whole, mashed the flesh and served with the seeds roasted in cumin and paprika 
  • Steamed Spinach
    Simply steamed and served 

Christmas Gifts

I got some amazing gifts, including my favourite scent (Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label) and a Hans Zimmer Masterclass.

I got my family all kinds of bits. Particularly successful gifts were books for my Dad (including Post-Capitalism: A Guide to Our Future by Paul Mason — one of my favourite reads from 2017), and "Strong Girls Club" tops for my nieces from Muthahood.