My Seven Favourite Blog Posts from 2017

This blog has grown and changed in so many unexpected ways this year. Here are seven of my favourite posts from 2017:

  1. Breakout Youth
    In February it was an honour to make a video with this amazing group, who support LGBT+ youth in Southampton, and help them win a Hampshire Pride Award
  2. Imogen Faith
    Causing quite a panic on her arrival, Imogen Faith was born in March, making me an uncle for the third time
  3. An Adventure on the Isle of Wight
    In June,  I took my Niece and Nephew to the Isle of Wight, and the vlog of the day is one of my favourites of the year
  4. Style
    In August, I made a soundtrack and video blog with Matt and Dave, all written and recorded in one day
  5. Play
    At the end of August, we followed up Style with Play, which later was featured on BCC Introducing South
  6. Through the Stars
    In October I made a multimedia art piece using astronomy photographic plates donated by University of Southampton
  7. Vlogmas 2017
    Filming every day in the lead up to Christmas was a huge challenge, but also incredible fun. I love weeks one, two and three, but the 18 minute video blog for week four is my favourite of the year